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Our bodies are 3 part beings:  mind, body, & soul or physical, mental, & spiritual.  It is imperative to keep all three parts balanced so that we can operate at optimal level and as whole beings!  If one part is out of whack, IT WILL affect the other parts!  Take this 30 day challenge that incorporates all 3 parts of your being in as little as 30 minutes of your day.  You will receive a new physical, mental, & spiritual challenge daily for up to 30 days.  You will also get suggested reads, watches, inspirational quotes, & input and guidance from me, TLC, for those 30 days.  For just $1 investment a day, you can start to incorporate new, healthy habits into your lifestyle!  Studies suggest that it takes 21 days to incorporate something new into your life, and you will be getting an additional 9 days to help it stick!  This $30 investment is sure to be an investment for life!

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