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YOU Empower YOUth Training

March 16-17 from 9-1pm

The mission of the Empower YOUth Program is to teach our children how to love themselves from the inside out.  The program is proactive and preventative versus reactive to help combat and prevent issues such as:  childhood obesity, anxiety, bullying, depression, teen suicide, and the drug epidemic.  The program is meant to empower the children by giving them the confidence to manage stress and take control of their mindset in order to thrive.  The program embraces yoga, meditation, positive self-talk, gratitude, kindness, and activities that promote creativity to help better one's mind, body, & soul.  

YOU Empower YOUth Training is being offered in hopes that we can get more adults on board with our mission to help reach more kids!  Here are just a few of the benefits of taking this training...

- THIS will empower YOU

- you will connect with like-minded thinkers, friends, or future colleagues

- relax, reconnect, & nourish your soul

- learn, lead, inspire, play, & change the world for the better

- you will make & take 9 tangible tools that can be used in your own classes

- you will get ongoing trainer support through a private social media group to help you instill & establish an

  Empower YOUth program in your area

- you will get your own 50 pg curriculum guide with step by step details on how to incorporate each aspect of

  each lesson for a total of 9 lessons.  The curriculum also includes reproducible handouts to be used at your


- you will get an authentic certificate of completion

- you will receive one-one guidance and group setting instruction by the founders of the Empower YOUth


- once you complete the training you are free to go use the program to empower others at your discretion

Who Can Benefit From This Training...

- ANYone who wants to make the world a better place

- those passionate about children & improving their inner environment to improve their outer environment

- athletic coaches

- principals/administrators

- educators

- youth group leaders such as:  church groups, boy/girl scouts, YMCA etc.

- social workers

- mental health professionals

- school counselors

- home school parents

- yoga instructors

- camp counselors

- ETC.

Disclosure:  Preregistration is required.  A minimum of 5 students is required for the class to be held.  If the minimum is not met, then the class is subject to be canceled & rescheduled at a later date.  Cost of the two day training is $349.

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