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I honestly can say I never thought one person can make such a big difference in my life.  You have completely filled me up and actually changed my inner spirit.  I always thought that people can't really change their substance after the age of 8 years old...but you proved me wrong.  I thank you and love you!

I just wanted to let you know of a conversation I had with my kids.  Savanna was telling us about her conversation with you on Monday and Sofia replied with, I wish I could be as positive as Tammy.  While part of my heart breaks because she struggles with negativity (which we have been working on all summer), I'm so thankful that they have role models like you!!! I'm so thankful God sent you and Debbie our way!!!

What an awesome gift you have and to share it with so many tiny humans!!!!  How amazing to see what you can do and have done and in such a small amount of time with my girls and how much they took to you!!  You have a great thing going and need to grow it to help so many other little lost souls!!  With everything terrible happening in the world you are a breath of fresh air!!!

Thank you Tammy!  That is definitely something we're working on and think this experience has been great for her!  I really appreciate what you and Debbie do, it's very important and I'm glad to have met you ladies.

Very inspiring!  Thanks for empowering our youth with your life's knowledge.  Keep it up!

I tI think My Little OMies is such a cool, positive, & thoughtful concept/cause!  I cannot envision two better people to get kids excited about mindfulness and personal/spiritual growth than you and Tammy!  You ladies are so positive, you'd find a way to make corporate accounting fun!

Just saw your latest retreat posted & Kate is hooked on them.  She really enjoys them & we have noticed subtle things at home showing us a boost in her confidence & not worrying so much.  We want to thank you & Tammy for taking the time and having such a positive impact on these kids.  It sure does show & we are truly grateful :)

You will love these.  Found Jackson's as his book mark & Kennedy's as a note to herself in her lunch!!!  You and Jackson's teacher being like me has really helped him to accept positivity more.  It's amazing!!!

I'Every single soul that gets to play in your positive energy is changed forever.  I love that we get to be here, in this at the same time!  You are 2 of my most favorite people ever!

My girls are so happy today!  They thoroughly enjoyed their evening!  Thank you so so much- really shows that you put a lot of thought and hard work into this.  I'm a believer!!!

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