WCTV Shows

"Talking Tower Gardens"

Watch as Mike & Tammy  assemble a Tower Garden, & discuss ways in which you can get involved.

"Talking Smoothies"

Watch as Mike & Tammy talk health, & whip up some yummy eats.

"Talking Testing"

Watch as Mike & Tammy discuss health testing, & share about Cecelia's experience with the testing.

"Share the Love"

Breath, meditate, and yoga while sharing the love with yourself, others, and Mother Earth!

"The Basics"

The "Yogataters" teach you the basics with a breathing technique, meditation, and a yoga flow!

"Back To School"

Breath, meditate, and yoga your way to a better school day.

"There's No Place Like OM"

The "Yogataters" will take you on a journey down the yellow brick road with a breathing technique, meditation, and yoga!